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Old St Lukes Hospital in Jacksonville, FL was built in 1878. The existing structure was saved from demolition, but not until it lost it's two winds on either side of the main structure pictured here. one of the city’s oldest public buildings, it played host to care for patients stricken by the yellow fever epidemic in 1888, the typhoid epidemic of 1898 and the Great Fire of 1901. St. Luke’s established the first modern nursing school in Florida in 1885.

Note: Paranormal research is not allowed here. The following EVPs were captured as a by-product of research being done in the reading room on the Yellow Fever Epidemic. Based on these accidental findings, we feel that if research was allowed, it would yield astounding results!

We believe this EVP is referring to the term used for persons infected with "red foot" disease: "red foot in house".

Based on these EVPs we have unfortunately been denied a research visit to assist in this poor soul's request: "please help me" and "help me".

We're not sure who this spirit was talking to... us or another spirit: "I'm not sleeping".

One spirit talking to another: "Did he come back yet?".

Some records being researched were sticking together due to being in plastic sheets. As they were removed they made a loud sound that caused a spirit to say: "Careful".

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