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Old Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, FL was a very interested location. It is in a state of decay with the plumbing having been ripped out, windows broken, etc. If you should investigate here, be forewarned that the insect factor could really creep you out as there are big spiders everywhere!!!! We were surprised to be getting minimal EMF spikes but the always reliable ghost-box came to the rescue, along with the Ovilus for getting evidence. The interesting thing about the Ovilus the night of our investigation was that we were getting 'sentences' instead of just 'words'. We even were fortunate to capture video evidence of orbs behaving in a 'fleeing' fashion where Willie James' body was dumped. We captured names of Fred, Steven & Lori but were unable to gather more info on them specifically with the exception of Lori who seemed to bring repeated replies to our requests for spirit identification in the jail. We regret we were unable to conduct a thorough investigation 'outside' as we were directed by Ovilus replies about a fight among other things. We hope to return in the future to tie up those loose ends.................

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