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These EVPs were captured inside the home of a family in southern Georgia. We will not reveal their location to protect their privacy. We are happy to state that a negative presence/earthbown spirit is no longer bothering this family. We attribute that fact mainly due to their being made aware of the power of prayer and it's protective abilities for those who truly have faith. Although spirits still seem to be present at this location, negative ones have not resurfaced........ the family still states they are occasionally still seeing apparitions of conferderate soldiers walk across the horse stalls outside the home during the night!

What sounds to be multiple native americans signing in the background can be heard during this conversation:

During complete silence in the home, another native american sounding voice can be heard:

An incredible Class 'A' evp was picked up in the middle of a conversation. It states "right here"!!!!!!

Although we do not put much faith in the Ovilus, you have to admit that when you tell a spirit you are leaving as we were in this particular wooded area, & hear something like this ('stay here'), it makes you want to reconsider the Ovilus.

This EVP was the main reason for a 2nd visit to this family......... "help me"

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