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Old Quarry, Anastasia Island, St Augustine, FL

Lighthouse, St Augustine, FL

Private Residences


Where you Least expect it:(in a car - in a passenger jet - in a church - in a supermarket)

Spirits can be found at any hour of the day in any place!!! You don't have to search at night or in dark foreboding locations!!!



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Old St Lukes Hospital

Guana Ecological Preserve

Old Orange Park Fl train station

What do you think the hitch-hiker is saying?

Miramont Castle in Colorado

Olustee Battlefield

Private residence in Georgia

SandMark House

This spirit made a direct u-turn after going in front of the camera!!!

We needed a priest to get rid of this demon's helper sketched by the client .

O.R.C.S. The Day Walkers!!!

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