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O.R.C.S is a group of Paranormal investigators dealing with realms of existence other than our own physical ones. Energies of all kinds surround us in our daily lives. The many questions that are left unanswered are the same we seek to resolve through our research. Everything is vibrational and as such, our spirit communication is predominantly audio based; we concentrate on that aspect of research and have come to some interesting conclusions which we will share with you inside. You will be surprised at some of these locations, ones you would least expect! We feel we are breaking through some of the barriers that exist with things such as portals, good vs evil spirits, bi-location, Trans-Communication and where spirits like to stay, and have the evidence to back that claim up. We are available for consultation & investigation free of charge and give recommendations on further steps to take to resolve any demonic-type spirit issues. We are a 'Christian' based group. God is with us during our investigations. God is always our solution to the problem. Come inside and learn more about us as our journey continues.............

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