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Guana Ecological Preserve

We are certain that there is activity at the Reserve on the purple trail.The spirits appear willing to communicate with us. The whisper EVPs are difficult to ascertain because of the low volume however some are discernable. Below are a few that are clear and understandable, along with Ovilus comments that could not possibly have been random words generated. We are on this trail alone in the middle of the woods. The answers are 'intelligent' and surprisingly appropriate to the conversation!! Preferring the TALKER II up to this point, we had not been fans of the Ovilus but the audio evidence below cannot be debunked as random.

To see the K-2 interactions with the spirts click here ====>

As Antonio beckons spirits to approach closer, the Ovilus remarks 'kill it' and 'battery', events that have been known to happen when spirits drain electronic devices in order to assist in gaining energy to manifest audio replies. After that, Antonia replies how she is going to get up and move on as yellow flies are biting in that location and the Ovilus incredibly states "those bite".

A class 'A' evp overlays the conversation between Antonia & Joe wanting to stop the EVP session and move on by stating "keep talking".

There is alot of unintellible EVP whispering going on in this audio clip in the background. Take note that the Ovilus speaks the work 'pond' before we even reach the pond near the trail (where we had seen a deer previously) and then a class 'A' EVP that states "let us drink". We feel this is an example of 'trans-communication'!!! (from animal spirits).

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