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The Tolomato & Huegenot Cemeteries are open only one Saturday each month. They are very old and quite fascinating. This evidence was gathered during a casual 'tourist' daytime visit. To add to this evidence are personal experiences and interviews that we had while there. In the Tolomato Cemetery, while at the back end at the mausoleum to the right of the bishop's mausoleum, there is a small utility shed. We were on the backside of the shed while doing an EVP session and heard several 'thumps' and 'bangs' coming from the shed. We thought it was a maintenance person. Seconds later, we walked around the mausoleum to the front of the shed and the door padlock was unlocked and no one was there. I asked the guide nearby (approximately 20 ft) if they had anyone going into that shed. She replied, there is no one here but her and she didn't go in there. She also stated that "people hear things all the time." There is definitely something going on here........

Approaching grave of Samuel Fleischman in Huegenot Cemetery, a heavy breath (sounds agitated) was recorded after which a class 'A' evp of a child's voice announced "warning get out of here". This evp has been debunked as having come from any other external (human) voice from fellow team member Antonia being present.

Heavy Breath

child's voice warning us

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