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Bosque Bello cemetery is definitely haunted by earthbound spirits and is quite old in places, dating back to the early 1600's. The 'experts' claim that spirits don't usually hang around cemeteries because it would be 'boring' for them to do so, but how do you explain that they still do remain there? With that in mind we are exploring the restraints of cosmic laws put in place by God (yes, that's correct..... 'God' for all you non-believers!) that prevent direct and open communication. The EVPs below indicate a willingness to communicate but not to give direct answers, for example, the spirit voice saying "we are buried there." Despite a multitude of questions asking for and stating names on gravestones, no direct answers are ever given.We have more EVPs from this cemetery and are only providing thefew shown here:

Immediately before Joe begins a statement "I'm going to pick up...." a clear whisper can be heard stating "look".

We feel this whisper EVP is telling us the name on a headstone that sounds like "Tate". A return trip will have to be made to validate.

Antonio states "it is so quiet in here". A very feint whisper EVP is captured stating "because we are dead."

This EVP clearly states "we are buried there"

As Antonio states to Joe "See it", an EVP is captured stating "I see it. There it is."

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